Crazy Bear Tasting Menu @ Fitzrovia


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So foodie butterfly flew into the dimly kitted Crazy Bear Restaurant at 10.30PM on a Friday night. The manager was welcoming despite the unusual late time for a meal and of course we had to order the Tasting Menu Summer 2015.

The cosy warm lights and antique decor gave a slight rustic charm to the interior.

One of the starters: Fresh Scallops.
Comes with lime sweet chilli sauce for the extra zing and the scallop melted in my mouth.

Followed by shrimp balls (amazing texture and chewy) with tempura prawns.
Not only was it fresh and tasty, the Wasabi mayonnaise and garlic cream sauces that came with it gave the taste an extra kick!

Green curry chicken and bamboo.
One of the best green curries I had – thick with the right amount of aroma and bamboo shoots immersed fully with flavour. Although the chicken slices was slightly dry.

Tiger prawns Pad Thai. One of my favorite choices out of them all. The prawns were succulent and flat noodles had the right tender and springy kick to them with bursts of flavour of nuts and lime to the right extent.

Sliced mushrooms with asparagus. Taste was average and not much to shout about- my lease favorite choice in the menu.


Kai Lan vegetables with oyster sauce. Slightly average but big enough portions and freshly stir fried.

Wagyu beef was tender and juicy, albeit with a bit too much fatty skins – have had better one in Ippudo.

My favorite choice – Dole Fish fillet that melts in your mouth. The way it had been grilled was perfect – soft and juicy with full flavoursome of the soy sauce that accompanied.

Lastly, Tonka Bean icecream in a pool of hot chocolate syrup served with raspberries and strawberries. Simply delightful – the cold icecream complemented with hot chocolate that fills your mouth with bursts of varying temperature and flavour. Chocolate syrup wasn’t too sweet either and had the right amount of cocoa.

The entire taster menu was sampled with Malbec Red Wine from Argentina.
Verdict: 🐞🐞🐞🐞
Four out of five ladybirds! Not every choice was perfect but the Tiger Prawn Pad Thai, Shrimp Balls and Dole fish definitely helped leave foodie butterfly leaving satisfied.


Poppies @ Spitalfields Market


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Long hailed as one of the best fish & chips in London- I’ve finally popped in to Poppies along the busy street of Spitalfields on a sunny Sunday!

Cod fillet
Slightly on the pricier side for a battered codfish and chunky soft chips. Fish was very fresh and batter was crispy enough! Very generous portion of chips that couldn’t be finished lest you had a gym session to be scheduled after.

Calamari rings Β£4.50
Succulent and juicy with tasty tartare sauce.

Verdict: 🐞🐞🐞
Order comes fast and good service to boot. Retro restaurant ambience with music jukebox and posters as if transporting you to the 20s Era.

Rosso di sera @ Covent Garden


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Authentic Italian food – one of the gems recommended to me by a close Italian friend.

Small and cosy wooden tables with minimalistic decor.

Salami charcuterie.
The bread is soft and crusty at fine point, salami and charcuterie was not too fatty and the cheese was perfect. I’m not one for cold starters but I did enjoy this very much along with the homemade jams.


CeReale beer – the darker one is the original stronger one and the light one had a slight honey ale taste. Very smooth and sweet to the right extent! Will recommend for someone who isn’t usually a beer person but wants a refreshing drink that’s not too sweet.🍻

Dessert: homemade chocolate sponge cake, light and spongy – you’ll feel like you’re having a “healthy” dessert!


I got the Tagliatelle with prawns and fish of the day. The prawns were so tender and succulent, whilst the fish (sea bass) was so fresh it melted in my


The truffles pasta was definitely the best I’ve ever had. The truffle sauce is divine and the little pieces of truffles melt in your mouth along with the soft and chewy tagliatelle.

Four out of five ladybirds! Quality food in authentic surroundings, buono!

Jamie’s Italian @ Covent Garden


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Renown chain of Jamie Oliver restaurants with cosy restaurant vibes yet spacious setting on a Sunday afternoon!

Went for the Squid Ink Spaghetti with mussels, squid and clams. Β£12.50

Portion of seafood was very small and taste wasn’t strong enough with squid ink, spaghetti was a bit sloppy.

Dessert: Pear Pavlova, Honeycomb Salted Caramel and Vanilla icecreams.
Pavlova had meringue that was too hard and sugary without the right taste of the pear and ice creams were not much to shout about.

Overall 🐞🐞
Two out of five ladybirds! Standard of food can definitely improve especially for the name of Jamie’s.

Flat Iron @ Denmark Street


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A whole steak for 10 pounds…?!

You would exclaim with skepticism.

Yes indeed and it’s well worth it. Arrived 6:30pm on a Friday night and we were shown to our table by 7pm! The system of this restaurant works great as you get a text sent for your waiting queue number and turnover is fast and efficient.

Medium rare was slightly reddish but the peppercorn sauce served well to give the tenderness that extra kick! Very huge portions to boot.

We also got creamy spinach (Β£3) and fresh crispy salad on the side was healthy enough greens to even out the juicy carnivorous meal.

Verdict: 🐞🐞🐞🐞
Four out of five ladybirds!

Fast and friendly service. Definitely recommend for value steak! πŸ‘

Chop Shop @ Haymarket


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Known for it’s steak and chops, we dined here as post-theatre dinner (Elephant Man) and waited long enough for it to become late discount! (After 10pm). Service is terribly slow and even though it was relatively quiet they took half an hour just to seat us and another 20minutes to take our order.


Scratchings – deep fried lard which looked like prawn crackers as they were so massive. Not a fan, tasted like munching on air and oil.

Medium done hanger steak. Soft and succulent enough.

Comes with chips on the side which was right amount of crisp.

Wholemeal brown bread with chilli crab mayonnaise dip- one of the better choices for the night. Very rich crab meat in chilli mayo, yum.


Overall the food was slightly on the pricey side for the quality, and the poor service could be improved on. Definitely had better steak elsewhere. One waitress wasn’t even bothered to serve people as she paced about the restaurant.

Verdict 🐞🐞
Two out of five ladybirds.

Chotto Matte @ Soho


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Japanese and Peruvian fusion!

This classy restaurant with massive manga cartoons on their walls comes across unpretentious and busy to a good extent.


Lamb chops

Salmon teriyaki and onion

Sushi platter – included unagi, tuna and salmon.

Baked prawns

The food was fresh and the twist of Peruvian seafood with Asian spices and sauces certainly served my palate well! Only gribe is a very poor system of seating their customers- we were told to wait for 10 minutes but it became half an hour to 40minutes!

They should definitely take a tip from other places like Flat Iron or Burger & Lobster with higher efficiency.

Verdict 🐞🐞🐞
Three out of five ladybirds!

SprΓΌngli @ Bannhoffstrasse, Zurich


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Strolling into the city’s renown cafe of SprΓΌngli right smack on the Main Street of central, the queue snaked out from the restaurant as we awaited our table for half an hour.

We waved our hands about for almost half an hour before the manager finally took notice of us to take our order. We also had to walk up to get ourselves an English menu from the counter.

We chose the chocolate mousse from the dessert counter which required payment upfront.

Coated with chocolate dust on top and inner layers of sponge and mousse, it quickly filled me up before I was even half done with it. Would recommend it to be shared between two people for such intense taste.

The hot chocolate was recommended to be had so we got the caramel hot chocolate which came with a tiny cube of dark chocolate on the side. For CHF11, it was definitely pricey side (normal for Swiss standards) but well worth the thickness of the drink.

Luxumberger macaroons in the shop window.

Verdict: 🐞🐞
3 out of 5 ladybirds. The waitresses were rude and ignored our pleas for water several times. It was definitely worth one try but not regular visits with the noisy crowds and poor service.

Babu’s @ Zurich, Switzerland


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Recommended by a friend to check out a great brunch place off the business street of LΓΆwenstrasse.

Babu’s had a great busy vibe indoors with good selection of hot omelettes, bagels and croissants.

The scrambled eggs was smooth and silky and warmed me up for the day ahead with the strong sunshine to boot! Also coupled with pesto buns, which was soft and flavorful.

The cappuccino was strong enough and not too foamy, although a tad expensive at CHF4.50

Verdict 🐞🐞🐞🐞
4 out of 5 ladybirds, will revisit for great brunch if ever in town again!

Basement Sate @ Soho


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The latest dessert bar open in Central, right off Wardour street in an unassuming basement you wouldn’t notice the buzz from outside.

We got the Purple Rain (blackcurrant macaroons and blueberry purΓ©e and meringue yogurt mousse) and the Green Forest (pistachio joconade, nuts and black cherry amarena).

Presentation of the desserts was 5/5 πŸ‘ we couldn’t bear to eat them! The little attention to detail coupled with the small leaves plucked into each macaroons was so quaint.

The taste was 4/5. Amazing bursts of taste from the smooth eggy joconade with the nutty crunch of pistachio.. Organismic.

The blackcurrant macaroons in Purple Rain tasted just right, although it didn’t have as much of a variety in the entire plate compared to Green Forest.

Verdict: 🐞🐞🐞🐞 for food and atmosphere, great service to boot!